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Prophetic Word, Special Prayers, Decrees & Declarations.

The Lord says that I am replenishing you for the journey. Where there has been a halt, hindrances or things held up, I will still do a great move in your life. I’m just restocking you on what’s needed. Your promise is secure me says the spirit of the Lord. (This Prophetic Promise According to Philippians 1:6)

The Lord says he will deliver you from bloodthirsty men and he will cut off and destroy the assassins of your life! (This Prophetic Promise is According to Psalm 59)

I decree and declare for successful business, development and innovation in the Kingdom, Marketplace, Workplace, Field and Industry!

I decree and declare a Prophetic Shift, positive turnover and turn around in our businesses, workplace environment and ministries in Jesus name.

I decree and declare that we will not capsize or be thrown overboard, but we will overthrow the enemy of our lives and every spirit that’s not like Christ in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

I cast down every demonic word spoken against my life, purpose and destiny now in the name of Jesus! I seal this prayer with the blood of Jesus Christ! We shall live to see it happen in Jesus mighty name!

Pastor Felicia

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